Trip to NYC

Charlotte-NYCIn May I traveled back to New York to get my first taste of FringeNYC.  It was a whirlwind trip…dropping off paperwork, meeting some of the amazing Fringe staff and volunteers, and other Fringe participants, looking for props, talking marketing.  We compared notes about our shows, and I heard some unbelievably creative ideas developed by people from all over the greater New York area and the country.  Most International companies didn’t make it there for this round, but we are all excited about meeting them in August.  I concluded the trip with a subway ride to the Harlem Goodwill Store to pick up a prop for the show:  a wheelchair that will be used by our nursing home resident, Miss Evelyn, in the vignette called “Old Woman.”  It was interesting getting the thing back through the turnstile, up the stairs, and down the streets of lower Manhattan.  By the time I got to where I was staying, I would have liked to be sitting in it with someone behind pushing me along.