The Kitchen Table

99(A ten-minute play.  Two characters: elderly man and his middle-aged daughter.  Takes place in the kitchen of his run-down trailer in an Alabama trailer park.)

“An old man, his angry, boozy daughter and a gun.  A recipe for disaster?”

“The Kitchen Table”, a ten-minute play about a tense stand-off between an old man hunkered down in his trailer and his grown daughter over his gun, was presented as part of the Women in the Arts and Media Coalition series “Conversations in America: Under the Gun”. The play was one of twelve works presented as part of the evening’s important discussion about gun violence in America. Among the many attending the event in New York City was NYPD Chief of Police Kim Royster. “‘Kitchen Table’ is so great!” said Holli Harms, event curator and chair of Conversations in America. “Thanks for submitting it to us. It helped to make the night such a success.”

“The Kitchen Table” was also selected for presentation in the Women’s Work 2017 Festival in Nashville, Tennessee in May. This nationally recognized three weeks of women’s theater and performance is produced each year by the Tennessee Women’s Theater Project and features theater, music, poetry and is curated by its founder and artistic director Maryanna Clarke. TWTP is celebrating its 10th Anniversary this year!

Please contact Southern Discomfort Productions if you’d like more information about “The Kitchen Table”.