Reviews of Alabama Bound

party-roughMy Old Southern Gothic Home:  ALABAMA BOUND

By Kel Munger, Sacramento News & Review, Arts & Culture Section

“Think Fried Green Tomatoes, then add poetic language and subtract the Klan for a one-line description of Charlotte Higgins’ one-woman show, Alabama Bound … a series of monologues brought to life by noted local actress Linda Nalbandian.

“Higgins crafted the piece from her memories of growing up in the South and based them on the work of photographer Eileen Lewis.  A series of Lewis’ stunning photos of Southern women from all walks of life opens the performance, adding emotional power to the work that follows.

“But it’s Nalbandian who gives the show both depth and breadth, bringing to life a disparate group of women who share, ultimately, one thing:  being female in the South, where custom and convention carry more power – even now – than we might otherwise imagine.

“…Alabama Bound is the very definition of Southern Gothic:  the mixture of humor and heartbreak, in close to equal portions.  In Alabama Bound, Higgins demonstrates how that blend is the difference between survival and destructions for the women who share her Southern roots.”


Her Window Faces the South:
Five not-so-easy pieces on the lives of Alabama Women

By Robert Herwitt, San Francisco Examiner Theater Critic

“(The) drawl is slow, rich and amiable, though the narrative is marked by a barbed wit and stinging details  — rather like a dark molasses peppered with yellow jackets.  The solo show is made up of five sharply drawn character sketches…but each is written with delicate reserve.   This is rich soil for a dark, often wicked and acute wit.”

San Francisco Bay Guardian

“Higgins’ writing is exquisite and often powerful.”