@ Fringe NYC

is was performed at the The New York International Fringe Festival, aka FringeNYC2013…the largest multi-arts festival in North America.  This creative bash, both for participating artists and audiences, ran 16 days from August 9 through 25 and featured 200 shows with 1200 performances, 5,000 artists, at 20 different venues in Manhattan.  More than 75,000 people attend the Fringe.  Wow!!  And it is definitely a labor of love:  Its very small staff is supplemented by 2,500 volunteers who work very long hours to create an amazing Fringe community that we are so happy to be a part of.  As Fringe Director Elena Holy says, “Fringe is a festival run on energy created by a community of artists, audience and volunteers.”  Linda Nalbandian, Eileen Lewis and I are happy that ALABAMA BOUND was selected from more than 800 submissions.  NEW YORK, HERE WE COME.

Click here to view the FringeNYC website.