Charlotte-insertsWell, arrived in NYC this past Saturday evening.  Flying in over Manhattan and seeing all those skyscrapers pointing in the air reminded me somehow of the quills on the back of a porcupine.  The evening was balmy; everyone dining at sidewalk cafes or sitting on the steps of Union Square enjoying it.  I hurried down to Fringe Central to see our show postcards:  all the shows’ cards are lined up in these see-through slots, kind of like newborn babies at a hospital nursery.  Went straight up to our beauty and said, “Mama’s here, Sugar!”  I have been busy ever since I got here working on getting our crew and props together — had to leave the originals behind in California.  Spent several hours at Salvation Army Stores — a mind-boggling array of things to browse through.  We are so fortunate to have found some amazing people as part of our crew:  Kalynn Dodge, originally from Placerville and now an actress here in New York, is our official company representative in NYC.  Kalynn is the daughter of Kathleen Dodge, head of El Dorado’s County’s Film Commission.  Show biz obviously runs in the genes.  NYC local Cynthia Staton, our lighting czar, recently graduated in theater technology here in New York and works for the Fringe.  And our stage manager Silvia Sanfeliu, an accomplished director, adaptor, producer, and translator, is our stage manager.  Silvia is here with another Fringe show and lives and works in Barcelona. Pretty impressive, huh?  Our star Linda Nalbandian arrives late tonight, and we will have a couple more rehearsals before we open Wednesday, August 14 — a week from today. Stay posted; it’s a whirlwind here.