ALABAMA BOUND’s Amazing group of women — onstage and off

This has been an amazing week of theater.  The Fringe is sort of like a Mardi Gras celebration without the floats. Additionally, it has been an amazing week for the women of ALABAMA BOUND, both in terms of the five memorable women featured in the one-woman play, and also all the women who make up the cast and crew.  Earline, our fun, generous, patient and totally efficient venue director, has been there at every turn and steered us safely through every difficulty, even as I sometimes paced the floor like an expectant father waiting the delivery of his baby. Our great lighting wizard, Cynthia Staton, is another rock, always prepared and quietly efficient.  I have so loved talking with her about her love of theater and her work with her own baby, the New AfriKan Theater group.  Then there is the wonderful Silvia, who flew in from Barcelona with her project, Pep Talk, and is our totally capable stage manager.  If she has suffered from jet lag, I haven’t seen it. She is a smiling, amazing presence. And of course, we are so grateful for Kalynn Dodge who is our ACR (Authorized Company Representative), who brought us wonderful cupcakes and flowers opening night and who is always there to do her job at the door, checking tickets and working with our box office rep.  Then there is Linda Nalbandian.  Oh my gosh, what can I say?  Her first trip to New York and first time on any New York stage, and she continues to astound me with each performance.  And of course, there is always my wonderful spouse Irene, who sits each day before the performance, folding programs, stuffing them with the appropriate material, making sure I have everything I need before I leave, and then sitting next to me in the audience each night.  Oh my gosh, what would I ever do without her.  So, these are all the women of ALABAMA BOUND who care deeply about this show.  A very amazing group,AB-NYC-4 and we  are so fortunate to have them. (Pictured from left, Kalynn, Cynthia, Silvia, Charlotte, Linda and Earline)

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