AB-NYC-2Oh, my gosh.  We got news this afternoon as we were about to do our tech that the opening night, Wed. August 14, has SOLD OUT!  All of us were thrilled at the news.  It feels like a huge accomplishment since we are a one-woman play from out of town.  We have certainly worked as hard as we can not only in marketing/promoting the show — by appearing at every event we can — but by, most importantly, making it the best possible show that we can.  Linda Nalbandian, star of the show, did five-minute teasers at the opening night gala party; did a fabulous teaser featuring Dixie, our raucous Bessemer, Alabama police dispatcher (will she or won’t she be able to get out of town on vacation with her worthless boyfriend Rodney) at the Fringe Central teaser Saturday; and will also appear with at least 17 other women’s Fringe shows Tuesday night at the Bluestocking Book Store.  I, as the playwright, will also be doing a panel discussion on Thursday night on why we are captivated by subjects as varied as Soweto shanty towns to the dusty back roads of Alabama.  But, ultimately, The Play’s The Thing.  And both Linda and I are so proud to present this work.  We love these women for all their heroic, tragic, funny, desperate and catastrophic ways of dealing with the issues in their lives — health, class, economic and aging.  We do this so their stories can be heard.  (Pictured above: Linda Nalbandian and I stand before the Fringe Central Sold Out Board.)

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